Guidelines for Authors

»BuB – Forum Bibliothek und Information« is the most widely read and broadest professional journal within the library and information sector in the German-speaking world. It includes scholarly articles, commentaries, discussion forums, interviews, current news and reports covering the entire spectrum of issues concerning public, academic and special libraries, as well as matters related to education and cultural affairs.

The journal publishes only original works. Every submitted or solicited article will be submitted to peer review under supervision of the editors and editorial board, which endeavor to complete the process and communicate the results – acceptance (if some cases, conditional) or rejection – as speedily as possible.


Formal Requirements

  • Manuscripts must be submitted as Word files (preferably without formatted text, i.e. bold, italics, underlining, etc.)
  • Font size: 12pt ; font type: Arial, line spacing: 1.5
  • Photographs, graphics or tables must be submitted in separate files
  • Photographs in JPEG format with a minimum of 250 dpi
  • Photos should be captioned
  • Personal names should be given in full (first and last names)
  • Abbreviations or acronyms should be spelled out at the first mention
  • From the author(s) we request:
    • Portrait photo (minimum 250 dpi)
    • Brief curriculum vitae focusing on professional background
    • Postal address and email address


Citation Format

Footnotes must be numbered sequentially. Monographs, edited volumes, and articles from journals or collections should be cited at the first mention as follows:

  • Author <First name Last name>: Book title. Edition. City: Publisher, Year, pages (p.)
  • Editors [ed(s).]: Volume title. Subtitle. City: Publishers, Year (Series; series no.)
  • Institution [ed.]: Work title. Subtitle. City: Publisher, Year.
  • Author <First name Last name>: Article title. In: Journal name Volume(Year)Issue, pages
  • Author <First name Last name>: Essay title. In: Editor <First name Last name> [Ed.]: Work. Volume and number. City: Publishers, Year, pages.

For further citations of the same title, refer to the first reference as follows:

  • Last name (Ref. no) page number.

If several works of the same author are used, these should be differentiated by year:

  • Last name (Year, Ref. no) page number.


  • Paul Niewalda: Die Elektronische Datenverarbeitung in Bibliotheken. 2. Aufl. München: Verlag Dokumentation, 1997, S. 17–22
  • Petra Hauke, Rolf Busch [Hrsg.]: Ehrensache?! Zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement in öffentlichen Bibliotheken. Positionen – Modelle – Grundlagen. Bad Honnef: Bock + Herchen, 2003 (Bibliothek und Gesellschaft) (Beiträge zur bibliothekarischen Weiterbildung; 16)
  • Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Bibliotheksverbände [Hrsg.]: Bibliotheken ’93. Strukturen – Aufgaben – Positionen. Berlin [u.a.]: DBI, 1994
  • Josef Tiwisina: Ausnutzung von Haushaltsmitteln und Beständen in amerikanischen Bibliotheken. In: Bibliothek 5(1981)1, S. 71–77
  • Wilhelm Hoppe: Das Büchereiwesen auf den Lande. In: Johannes Langfeldt [Hrsg.]: Handbuch des Büchereiwesens. Bd. 2. Wiesbaden. Harrassowitz, 1965, S. 326–386
  • Hasemann (Anm. 7) S. 37.
  • Hasemann (1977, Anm. 7) S. 37.


Formal Requirements:

  • The article must not have been published previously
  • The article should contain an original perspective or present a topic in a new light
  • The article should be relevant to current discourse (make reference to current discussions, show connections to current issues, refer to previous articles and contributions)
  • We reserve the right to return texts which do not meet these criteria to the author for revision.



Authors are responsible for the accuracy of content and for clarifying all matters with copyright holders regarding permission to publish any photos and illustrations both in print and online versions – especially in regard to the preservation of rights of publicity (personality rights) for individuals in photos. This also applies to publication via Internet.


Online Publication

Contributions will be published online at three months after print publication. Some items may be selected by the journal editors for online publication at an earlier date.

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